Licensing Fee (Applies to Brokers and Agents) 
Due to LREC by December 31st of each year ($175-$200).

E & O Insurance (Errors & Omissions) (Applies to Brokers & Agents)
• State Recomnend Policy or Broker Required Policy

NOMAR, LR & NAR Dues (Applies to Brokers & Agents) Due to NOMAR.
Invoiced annually on October 1st and due by November 30th for the following calendar year.
Delinquent on December 1st and late fee assessed ($400-$450).

MLS User Fees (Applies to Agents) Due to GSREIN.
Invoiced annually on June 1st and due by June 30th for upcoming fiscal year.
The MLS fiscal year is July 1st thru June 30th. Delinquent on July 1st and late fee assessed ($320).

Please note that all dues deadlines must be met:

*NOMAR (MLS) dues must be paid in full by November 30th annually.
*GSREIN total dues amount ($340) must be paid in full by June 30th annually.
LREC Licensed and E & O Insurance Dues are Due Dec 30th annually.