Pumpkins and Ghosts and Spiders! Oh My! Halloween Garland

Pumpkins and Ghosts and Spiders! Oh My! Halloween Garland

Yarn Halloween Garland

Orange Yarn (Red Heart in Carrot)
Black Yarn (Red Heart in Black)
White Yarn (Red Heart in Soft White)
Fishing Line (optional – I used this for hanging)
Dining Chair (mine is about 16″ wide)
Green pipe cleaners (1 per pumpkin)
Black pipe cleaners (2 per spider)
Sharp Scissors

Yarn Garland

Basic directions:
For each of the three different shapes (spider, pumpkin, and ghost) you wind yarn around a chair, slide it off, tie it and cut it into your shape.

Spider Yarn

To make a spider (one chair wrapping will make 3 spiders):

How to Make A Yarn Garland

1, Wrap black yarn around a chair. I wrapped it 75 times. The more you wrap, the thicker and denser the pom pom will be.

Slide the yarn off the chair, keeping the loops separate.

Easy DIY Halloween Garland

2. Cut three, 14″ pieces of black yarn. TIGHTLY Tie the loop as shown.

Double knot it.

Cut the loop of yarn on the right and left of the center (tied) strand.

Cut the looped ends.

You will have three spiders.

Yarn Spiders

3. KEEP THE TAIL LONG (that’s the part you tied onto the loop to make sections). Hang onto it and trim yarn to create the spider shape.

Cut two pipe cleaners in half giving you four pieces. Place your spider, upside down onto a flat surface.

Lay your pipe cleaners over your tail and use the tail string to tightly attach the pipe cleaners to the body.

Double knot. Using your fingers, bend the pipe cleaners to resemble legs.

Trim the tail OR use it (if you can) to hang it.

Yarn Pumpkin

To make a pumpkin: (one chair wrapping will make 3 pumpkins)

Follow Steps 1-3 for the spider, but use the orange yarn. I wrapped my yarn around the chair 150 times.

After you trim your pumpkin, you’ll need to add a stem.

Place the center of a green pipe cleaner across the tail and tie the tail in a double knot to affix the stem.

At this point, I just folded the pipe cleaner downward to make a stem and some vines. You can really do anything you want here. Keep the tail long to hang to hang or cut off.

Yarn Ghosts

To make a ghost: (one chair wrapping will make 3 ghosts)

Wrap your yarn around the chair (I did 150 loops).

Remove the yarn from the chair and cut one end so you have a long bunch of yarn. Cut that chunk of yarn into thirds.

Cut six, 14″ pieces of white yarn. Set 3 pieces aside.

Tie one piece of yarn tightly around the center of each of the three chunks.

Keep the tail separate if you want to use it to hang, otherwise, you can just add it into the mix of ghost.

Fold the bunch of yarn down the center/in half and smooth the yarn.

Tie the remaining yarn near the folded end to make a head.

Trim the ghost body as desired.

Pumpkin Yarn Garland

To hang:
I used fishing line to hang my garland onto twine.

For the spider I tied the line onto one of the strands on the top of his head.

For the pumpkin weave the fishing line through the stem to hang.

And for the ghost, weave a piece of fishing line through the top of the head to hang. If you still have your tails, you can easily use those to tie onto the garland.

Keep the trio loose. A simple slip knot around the garland will work well, that way you can space it evenly once you have it hung.

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