23 Last Minute (and Easy!) Halloween Party Snacks

Halloween is here, people! With less than a week to go, it’s crunch time to find a costume and figure out what you’re doing Halloween night. If you’re throwing a party and still need to figure out what you’re serving so your guests don’t get hangry — THAT would be frightening. Have no fear — we have 23 last-minute treats that are festive AND tasty.


1. Monster Party Bark: Melt a few chocolate bars with some pretzels, candy eyes and coconut flakes for a salty sweet snack that will be ready in only three minutes. 


2. Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats: For a dessert that’s spooky, but not ooky, whip up a batch of these cute monster krispies. Chocolate-covered marshmallow bolts, googly candy eyes and a tinge of green food coloring give a movie monster makeover to a classic treat. 


3. Pumpkin Pie Dip: Cheesecake filling and canned pumpkin are the main ingredients for this seasonal snack. Serve it up with graham crackers, or some cinnamon sugar pita chips. 

Halloween bark

4. Halloween Bark: Wanna mix things up? With a graham cracker base, your favorite candy-cookie mixture and a drizzling of dark chocolate, you have a recipe for a party treat that is scary good. 


5. Halloween Pretzels: Just place chocolate on top of a pretzel, heat long enough for the chocolate to soften, then lightly place a candy corn on top. Viola! Simple, tasty treats with a twist. 


6. Spooky Cinnamon Sugar Crisps and Cream Cheese Dip: Skip the usual chips and dip and opt for this sweet treat instead. The baked cinnamon-sugar tortillas taste even better when dunked in the whipped cream cheese dip. 


7. Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus: We don’t know anyone who doesn’t love hummus. This dip can be served with crackers or veggies for a healthy party snack. 

candy corn cupcakes

8. Candy Corn Cupcakes: Candy Corn and Halloween always seem to go hand in hand. Mix up the holiday classic with this recipe for fun and festive vanilla cupcakes that look just like their candy counterparts. 


9. Caramel-Dipped Marshmallows: Simply dip marshmallows in caramel, then cover them in some cute holiday sprinkles for an easy treat. 

halloween candy apples

10. Bleeding Halloween Candy Apples: Don’t worry, they’re safe to eat. This ghoulish goodie gets its coloring from red and black food coloring to give it a ‘bleeding’ outside. 


11. Banana Boo Pops: Put a festive touch on the classic frozen chocolate “boo-nana” by giving them a ghostly makeover. 

pretzel bones

12. Pretzel Bone Treats: Dem bones, dem bones, dem pretzel bones. Tasty white chocolate-covered pretzel and marshmallow rods are sure to tickle your funny bone fancy, especially those who love their snacks both salty AND sweet. 

Spider web pretzels (5)

13. Spiderweb Pretzels: Melt some chocolate, then swirl it over pretzel sticks for a spooky spiderweb snack. These could be served alone, or on a cake or ice cream. 

halloween cookies

14. Halloween Cookies: A splash of orange food coloring is all you need to give a Halloween look to a classic cookie. Don’t mind us as we gobble up one or two… or ten.


15. Monster Sandwiches: Just cut sliced bread and cheese into circular shapes and assemble these monster-themed sandwiches — perfect little snacks for a kid’s party or school lunch.


16. Pretzel Broomsticks: Looking for a savory Halloween-themed snack? Sweep away the boring bites in favor of these easy cheese and pretzel broomsticks. We think they’re positively witchin’! 


17. Apple Kabobs: Buy a package of pre-sliced apples, then dip them in chocolate and caramel for an easy alternative to a favorite Halloween pastime. 


18. Frankenweenie Cake: Tim Burton is definitely the king of Halloween, so a cake inspired by his movie Frankenweenie is a frightfully good dessert to whip up for your themed soirée. R.I.P. healthy eating. 


19. Candy Corn Fruit Parfait: For a sweet treat that’s still healthy, skip the candy corn and cut up some colorful fruit in its place. 


20. Mummy Hot Dogs: Give your pigs in a blanket a spooktacular twist with a mummified hot dog appetizer. A spider web of mustard and ketchup makes for one festive dip. 


21. Halloween Veggie Platter: If you’re REALLY crunched for time, grab some veggies from the grocery store (or even a pre-made platter) and arrange them to double as a spooky display. 


22. Strawberry Ghosts: Dip some strawberries in white chocolate, then give them chocolate chip eyes and a mouth for these cute and tasty snacks. 


23. Tangerine Pumpkins: Peel a few tangerines and place a small piece of celery in the middle to make these tangerine pumpkins. Bonus: these can definitely double as the perfect snack for school. 

What are some of your favorite Halloween-themed snacks? Let us know in the comments!

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