14 Shots You’ll Actually *Want* to Take This New Year’s Eve

If there’s any holiday where you’re encouraged to pop the bubbly, it’s New Year’s Eve. *But* that doesn’t mean you should limit your NYE party beverages to only champagne. These sparkly, glittery and all-around enticing shots are sure to please and won’t induce the bad-idea-tequila hangovers of your college days. You can let your resolutions start when the calendar reads 2016. Meanwhile, cheers to enjoying these shots you’ll actually want to make (and take) this New Year’s Eve.


1. Champagne Chantilly Shooters: Be sure to add these cake-inspired shooters to your after-holiday to-do list to start 2016 with a little bit of deliciousness. (via Sprinkle Bakes)


2. Champagne Jell-O Shots: Turn your champagne into a shot! If you’re hosting a large party, these are a way more affordable option than a case of champagne. (via Feast + West)


3. Blackberry Gin Shooters: This shooter is *almost* too pretty to drink. Plus, we can all pretend that the blackberries are doing you some good. (via Dine and Dish)

Butternut Rum Lifesaver

4. Butternut Rum Lifesaver: A shot that tastes like candy is a sweet way to start your year off right. (via A Year of Cocktails)


5. Apple Cider Shooter: That caramel vodka you bought on a whim once can finally be put to good use with this spiked apple cider shooter. Whip it up as a shot or a large punch that will last all night long. (via Brit + Co)


6. Tipsy Spritzer Shots: Not every shot needs to be super strong. If you’re looking for something you can enjoy throughout the night, this sweet, bubbly and tart “spritzer” shot is low in alcohol content and big on flavor. (via Holly’s Cheat Day)


7. Sparkling Jello Jigglers: Swap out champagne for the grape juice in this recipe to make a fancy, adult version of a JELL-O jiggler. Sprinkles and edible gold stars required. (via Bubbly Nation Creations)

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